Social Media

Women-Owned Businesses Increasingly Turn to Social Media for Success

Women business owners make up one of the fastest growing segments of small business. Certainly, a factor like increased access to capital has had a major influence, but access to capital has not had as much influence over the last few years as social media has had. Growing a business has become much easier thanks to the ability to develop social media networks, and women entrepreneurs are embracing this technology with enthusiasm. According to information businesses submitted to the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO), as many as four out of every ten businesses led by women report their revenue grew as a result of using social media.

If 40 percent does not seem like a very high number, rest assured it will change. The 40 percent represents women heading some of the fastest growing companies. Behind them are entrepreneurs ready to emulate that growth once they gain more familiarity with the power of networking via social media. In fact, in the same set of WPO responses, o...

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