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Global Women-II
Nature Wellness Village Takes Holistic Spa Experience to New Level

Moving the body towards wellness is the primary goal of Nature Wellness Village. The spa experiences offered clients are built on the power of natural healing.
By Anna Gonsalves

Other women have started spas, but it is safe to say there are probably none like the Nature Wellness Village. Not surprising since it was started by the founding President of the Spa Association of the Philippines, Catherine Brillantes-Turvill. Her remarkable story is one of determination, the ability to grasp opportunities, and continual personal learning and improvement that she passes on to her clients through education and services. In addition to the unique spa, her and her husband established Nurture Farmacy, an organic farm that produces some of the superfoods served at the spa in one form or another. The holistic operation offers clients a full experience to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit, and business success is largely due to the Catherine's never-ending quest f...

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