Global Culture Consulting Firm Experiences Lead Cultural Transformation Process

TEMECULA, Calif.,- Partners In Leadership, LLC, the firm that guides clients in defining Key Results™, shaping Cultural Beliefs®, and solving Accountability Gaps, launches a cultural transformation process utilizing its proven methodologies and tools of the firm’s Lead Culture™ process.

“We have witnessed some of the most successful organizations in the world achieve ground-breaking results after embedding our Lead Culture process into their organizations,” said Tracy Skousen, SVP, Relationship Partner and President, International, at Partners In Leadership. “Cultures have a Lifecyle as Key Results change year to year, leaders need to realign their culture to support those new goals. Partners In Leadership is no different; we have our own results we want to achieve, we have to adjust our course to pursue them.”

The company launched phase one of the latest culture change in the fall of 2017 by inviting employees to participate in a confidential assessment to rank its current culture and identify beliefs that were getting in the way of desired results. Senior leadership then created Key Results needed in 2018 using the Lead Culture methodology.  The next step includes senior leadership using the data to establish strategic, meaningful Cultural Beliefs® that define the desired culture needed to deliver the company’s Key Results™.

Following the methodology, integration of the belief system into the workforce through a team of employees embeds the culture by having employees trained in Lead Culture train the entire workforce. This team plans, executes, and facilitates the culture transformation training and process across the organization, which includes the unveiling of the new Cultural Beliefs.

Over the coming months, the company will continue to provide support, coaching, and training opportunities for employees to sustain movement and embed the tools and methodologies into all of the existing organizational systems.

“Our organization is already experiencing the benefits of our process,” said Brent Barton, President and CEO of Partners In Leadership. “We know from experience that culture produces results driven by corporate strategies. A well-executed culture shaping initiative allows executives and leaders to effectively work alongside strategy to achieve the right results.” 

Partners In Leadership Senior Leaders expect to have the cultural changes rolled out in full by the first quarter of 2018.