UPS Helps Female Entrepreneurs In Turkey Reach The World

Series of exporting workshops across Turkey to help women-owned business build their export capabilities

Istanbul, TURKEY - UPS (NYSE:UPS) announced today that it is organizing a series of export training seminars for female entrepreneurs across Turkey together with the Kadin Girisimciler Dernegi (KAGIDER) and Kadin Emegini Degerlendirme Vakfi (KEDV). These seminars are part of UPS’s Women Exporters Program, a global initiative that helps women cross borders, overcome challenges and forge new futures by expanding their businesses to global markets.

“According to the OECD, only 34% of Turkish women are active in the labour force, and many female entrepreneurs do not have the resources or support that they need to build export-focused businesses,” said Burak Kiliç, country manager, UPS Turkey. “Women-owned businesses have huge potential and could be a major driver for building the Turkish economy. UPS’s global network and 111 years of experience linking buyers and sellers means that we are in a unique position to help female entrepreneurs follow their dreams.” As part of the company’s effort to promote diversity and inclusion, UPS and The UPS Foundation launched the Women Exporters Program (WEP) in 2018. The WEP, working with the International Trade Centre’s SheTrades initiative, NGO and government partners, is a global effort to enable women-owned businesses to learn more about and consider exporting their products around the globe. By bringing together UPS’s smart global logistics network and unparalleled knowledge in reaching the global markets with the grassroots networks of its partners, the WEP is helping the ITC SheTrades initiative to reach its goal of bringing 3 million women-owned businesses into international trade.

“Supporting female entrepreneurs is of great importance for the development and future of Turkey. This support includes facilitating access to markets both in Turkey and abroad,” said Emine Erdem, president, KAGIDER. “The UPS Women Exporter Program fills a significant gap. The trainings and other support provided in this program will help female entrepreneurs to open their businesses to the world.”

The primary objective of these trainings is to increase participants’ understanding of trade procedures and exporting opportunities, as well as their knowledge of key logistics concepts for exporting. Additionally, the workshops aim to raise awareness among women-owned businesses about the opportunities available through the UPS Women Exporters Program and ITC SheTrades. UPS has already held seminars formerly in Istanbul, Manisa, and Bursa. Workshops will also be organized in Gaziantep (July 9), Van (August 7), Iznik (September 18), Hatay (October 10), and Denizli (November 6).

“Reducing inequality and income disparity, and creating a more equitable world for all can only be achieved by increasing women’s participation in the economy,” said Merve Batikan, corporate coordinator, KEDV. “We are pleased to partner with organizations that help to further this cause, and are proud to be working with the UPS Women Exporters Program. We believe that the program will help women's cooperatives deliver their products to new markets.”