Scott Vowels
Stacey Johnson
Senior Manager,
Leadership and Inclusion

Kraft Heinz

Stacey Johnson Engages Kraft Heinz Employees through Learning & Development

As the Senior Manager of Leadership and Inclusion for Kraft Heinz, Stacey Johnson focuses on engaging global employees in capability development so they can succeed in the company's culture of ownership and meritocracy. In 2017, Johnson worked with senior leaders to establish a company-wide leadership capability model. In 2016, Johnson established the company's diversity and inclusion program, launching six Business Resource Groups (BRGs) to engage and develop employees across the U.S. She works closely with the BRGs to develop initiatives to enhance talent recruitment, learning and development, and workplace inclusion efforts. Initiatives include partnering with the Kraft Heinz Employee Benefits team to expand its parental leave policy and participating in the Chicago Pride Parade with the iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, to name two. Johnson is currently working on expanding business resource efforts in Canada and Europe.

Johnson believes the culture of meritocracy is a driving force for attracting diverse talent. She also names ongoing learning and development as an investment that enables professional growth of the workforce. “Ownerversity" is the company’s corporate training platform that provides continuous learning opportunities for employees so people may excel and grow at their own pace.

Favorite Quote:
A Culture of Meritocracy: Ownership is a key tenet of our culture. At Kraft Heinz, we treat every dollar as if it were our own. Our employees think and act like owners of the business, regardless of function, level, title or life. — Stacey Johnson