Scott Vowels
Susan Schmidlkofer
Director of Global Workforce
Diversity and Inclusion


Susan Schmidlkofer Connects with BRGs to Meet UPS Employee Needs

Susan Schmidlkofer, Director of Global Workforce Diversity & Inclusion for UPS, has a passion for supporting UPS employees through Business Resource Groups (BRGs). UPS has more than 190 chapters around the world across 10 different constituencies. Working with the BRGs has been a key strategy for developing and maintaining a culture of teamwork and diversity, and for diverse employee skills development. The company's most senior leaders serve as BRG executive sponsors, making them important groups for building an inclusive culture. Schmidlkofer actively supports the organization's Diversity & Inclusion Steering Council which sets and supports strategies for the company and stakeholders, while serving as visible champions for diversity and inclusion.

Schmidlkofer developed a publication to celebrate UPS's rich 110-year history of diversity and inclusion. "A Legacy of Diversity: Living an Inclusive Culture" beautifully highlights the company's milestones and illustrates the company's road ahead. Her global D&I strategy is built on UPS ability to increasingly connect customers, suppliers, employees and communities. She has been a true force for increasing UPS cultural sensitivity and competence around the world.

Favorite Quote:
“I am grateful for the opportunity to help drive a more diverse and inclusive workplace at UPS. A tireless passion and simply caring about others is what continues to help me push myself and my organization to keep striving for more. Our work truly matters.” — Susan Schmidlkofer