Scott Vowels
Barbara Matos
Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion
CBS Corporation

Barbara Matos Creates Spaces for Open D&I Dialogue at CBS

As the Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion, CBS Corporation, Barbara Matos engages diverse partners and local and national advocacy groups to enhance outreach. She co-created the CBS Actors' Workshop where aspiring actors are invited to attend a two-hour intensive experience designed to help them land roles. The Casting SVP shares her extensive knowledge and offers individualized professional assessments. Barbara and the Casting SVP also offer critiques on how the actors can best market themselves. This hands-on workshop is deeply appreciated by participants and has opened doors for many diverse people pursuing acting careers.

The workshop is just one initiative among several that Barbara has initiated. She also launched and chairs the Multicultural Employee Resource Group. The group is based on the principles of respect, appreciation, and development and provides personal and professional development opportunities. Group events enable people from all of the CBS business units to learn from each other. Barbara is focused on creating spaces where important dialogue is held about different cultures and where people with different perspectives share their experiences to promote change.

Favorite Quote:
“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” – Jackie Robinson