Scott Vowels
Birgit Neu
Global Head, Diversity and Inclusion

HSBC’s Birgit Neu Uses Innovative Approaches to Connect People and Promote Diversity of Thought

Birgit Neu has worked to create a more sustainable and commercial approach to D&I. As the Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at HSBC, she has utilized innovative approaches to integrate D&I principles throughout the organization's employment lifecycle. One recent achievement is placing a focus on the art of storytelling and using relatable role models to connect the workforce and inspire holistic conversation around D&I. A founding co-chair, Birgit has overseen the growth of HSBC's BALANCE employee network grow to more than 48,000 global participants of women and men.

Believing that true innovation occurs only when divergent thinkers feel free to speak up and challenge each other's thoughts, Birgit is a passionate creator of networks. Believing a great leader admits to not having all the answers, she constantly invites others to seek out the pitfalls of her strategies and designs. Birgit is a driving force behind convening minds from other multinationals and across other geographies, and getting input from people outside of human resources. She recently launched the Global 30% Club Strategy Best Practices Working Group.

Favorite Quote:
“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” — Nelson Mandela