Scott Vowels
Grady Crosby
Vice President Public Affairs, Chief Diversity Officer & President
Johnson Controls

In his Role at Johnson Controls Foundation, Grady Crosby Drives Commitment to D&I

Grady Crosby is the Vice President Public Affairs, Chief Diversity Officer and President of the Johnson Controls Foundation. He launched a pilot program at the North America Operational Headquarters to foster economic development in local communities, while providing employees with real-world development opportunities and a deeper cultural appreciation of the community. This program cultivates talent, develops expertise, and provides visibility to the challenges and opportunities within D&I. Other successes include the Johnson Controls Community Leadership Program (CLP) that trains, matches, and supports employees serving on nonprofit boards. The CLP fosters leadership skills in a way that supports the organization, nonprofits, and communities.

To build the Johnson Controls brand recognition among diverse university students and professionals, Grady's team engages with potential engineering candidates. He is currently focused on attracting and retaining talented women in the field of HVACR. As a result, Johnson Controls launched the "Coolest Women in the World" initiative to create awareness and develop industry solutions to increasing diversity and inclusion. The initiative includes HVACR women leaders who share their stories, mentoring, sponsoring, male advocacy, and external networking.

Favorite Quote:
“Humility is not thinking less of yourself. It’s thinking of yourself less.” — C.S. Lewis