Scott Vowels
Joy Fitzgerald
Chief Diversity Officer
Eli Lilly & Co.

Joy Fitzgerald Drives Culture Change at Eli Lilly and Co.

In her role as Chief Diversity Officer, Eli Lilly and Co., Joy Fitzgerald focuses on the development of an inclusive culture. To achieve a noticeable culture change, she leads efforts offering customized initiatives that drive results. One initiative involved groundbreaking research to understand the lived experiences of women and minorities at the company. The research led to a number of strategies to bring greater inclusion. Strategies included talent management improvements, tracking metrics more closely, and expanding sponsorship programs. Another major initiative involved cultural literacy training to improve awareness of psychological safety as critical to innovation.

Believing that empathy is an important quality of every chief diversity officer, Joy sees her role as an influencer who inspires others to become more inclusive. She helps strengthen the company’s culture, leadership and systems by taking action and measuring results. Joy asks bold questions and finds solutions, navigating situations that are sometimes emotional and tense with good judgment and empathy.

Favorite Quote:
“Growth can only happen when we are willing, bold enough, and open to sit in the seat of uncomfortability, exercising no judgment of others.” — Joy Fitzgerald