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Kristen Anderson
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Kristen Anderson Brings Global Experience to Barilla's D&I Effort

As the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for Barilla, Kristen works to ensure the company has an open and inclusive workplace environment where everyone's ideas are heard. Barilla leverages diversity and inclusion as a source of organic innovation and creativity by striving to ensure that everyone is involved in achieving company success. Kristen is proud of the significant milestones that Barilla achieved in the last five years, like building Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) from less than 20 people in the US offices to 900 employees in 10 countries.

Kristen credits the global growth of ERGs and the leadership commitment from senior management to increasing inclusion of generational, gender, multicultural, racial, disability, and LGBT+ diversities. Barilla’s D&I Board has overseen many successful D&I efforts such as achieving 100% for 5 years on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index. Barilla was the first Italian company to support the UN Standards of Conduct for Business Tackling Discrimination Against LGBT+ People and one of the first to launch a flexible work program called "Smartworking." Other diversity efforts include the development of a Refugee Program in Europe and committing to training an additional 75 refugees.

Favorite Quote:
“ be effective in another culture, you must first be interested in other cultures and cultural diversity...” — Anonymous