Scott Vowels
Lorie Valle-Yañez
Head, Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Lorie Valle-Yañez Creates Culture of Inclusion at MassMutual

Continuing a journey, Lorie Valle-Yañez, Head of Diversity & Inclusion Officer for MassMutual, focuses on changing mindsets and behaviors. She implemented a strategy of offering transformative educational programs coupled with increased accountability and transparency through metrics. Lorie has worked to create an organizational culture where D&I are at the forefront of everything the organization's people do. She began by first providing the educational opportunities to leaders to provide them with the knowledge, self-awareness, and motivation to foster diversity. Workforce demographics are shared with all employees to show progress and the need to do more.

Lorie regularly adjusts the D&I strategy to keep pace with change, as well as customer and employee expectations, while meeting the needs of the organization. In the past decade, she has been instrumental in keeping MassMutual evolving, revising the D&I strategy three times, raising the bar and developing initiatives that are measurable and lead to change and growth. Lorie finds inspiration from all around her, enabling her to tap into her creativity and adaptability to pay it forward as a role model for others.

Favorite Quote:
“Excellence can be attained if you: care more than others think is wise, risk more than others think is safe, dream more than others think is practical, and expect more than others think is possible.” — Anonymous