Scott Vowels
Crystal Ashby
Interim President & CEO

Crystal Ashby Becomes First Female President & CEO of The ELC

Crystal Ashby is proof that targeted leadership development programs lead to opportunities. She is currently the interim president and CEO of The Executive Leadership Council (ELC) and also the first female president and CEO of the organization. She participated in ELC’s first Strengthening the Pipeline leadership development program, and that led to what has become a long-term relationship with The ELC. Relying on her career as a corporate leader in the energy sector, Crystal drives the organization’s efforts to increase the number of global black executives in C-suites, on corporate boards, and in global enterprises.

Crystal embodies the values and culture of The ELC, having benefitted from the leadership development program and the mentoring and sponsorship provided by senior leaders of The ELC. She has held various positions on ELC committees over the past decades, including as chairperson of The ELC audit committee, member of the governance committee, co-chair of the membership committee, and voting member of the governance committee. Crystal’s participation on these committees gave her deep insights and knowledge of The ELC mission and strategic goals.