Scott Vowels
Umran Beba
Chief Global Diversity & Engagement Officer

PepsiCo’s Umran Beba Develops Platform for Global Diversity & Engagement

As the Chief Global Diversity & Engagement Officer at PepsiCo, Umran Beba works with sector leadership teams to execute a roadmap for people-related sustainability goals. She launched a global coaching circle for female managers and uses the platform for three major initiatives. One is to bring SVP female role models to share their success stories. The second initiative brings senior male allies to share their support for women and the diversity agenda. The third initiative introduces the 12 habits of successful women with a Thrive speaking and podcast series and follow-up coaching call. Using the platform enables Umran to reach across the global organization.

To ensure progress is made and continues, Umran works with organizational leaders to develop internal and external transparent goals. They include achieving gender parity in management roles and pay equity for all. A third major goal is making a $100 million investment in women’s empowerment around the globe. Umran attributes her personal success to her ability to listen, understand, show empathy, and build respect and trust with a variety of global stakeholders.

Favorite Quote:
“Chance favors the prepared mind.” — Louis Pasteur