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Elizabeth Nieto
Global Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

MetLife's Elizabeth Nieto Develops Diversity Ecosystem

Elizabeth Nieto is the Global Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at MetLife. She was responsible for implementing the company's first global D&I strategy in 2012 in collaboration with the Global D&I Council. Elizabeth and her team have launched 34 Women's Business Networks around the world. The networks give thousands of women an opportunity to own their professional development and contribute to a culture of inclusion. Elizabeth has also implemented regional initiatives focused on people like emerging talent, LGBT, people with different abilities, and veterans.

The key best practices Elizabeth utilizes for success begin with accountability metrics to ensure MetLife's diversity initiatives stay on track and to measure progress. Other best practices driving success include engagement of top senior leaders and managers, a solid support infrastructure, and inclusive policies and procedures. Elizabeth has developed strong internal and external customers to ensure that employees, customers, and stakeholders are aware of MetLife's commitment to an inclusive work environment. She works to embed D&I into leadership, educate employees, and align D&I to business opportunities.

Favorite Quote:
My job is to ignite the collective energy of our employees to build a culture of inclusion. My passion is to fight for equality at work, at home and in my community. — Elizabeth Nieto