Scott Vowels
LaTonia Pouncey
Corporate Manager and Head of Diversity and Inclusion
L3 Technologies

LaTonia Pouncey Rolls Out Diversity Eco-system Plan at L3 Technologies

As the Corporate Manager and Head of Diversity and Inclusion at L3 Technologies, LaTonia Pouncey has been instrumental in developing and implementing strategic diversity initiatives for a global workforce. Her team hosted a series of Leadership Roundtable Forums in various cities and held monthly teleconferences to identify, in the D&I space, employee perceptions, required actions for improvement, and strategies for embedding diversity of thought as a cultural element within the organization. LaTonia used the information to prioritize and translate ideas into high-level initiatives and an action plan.

The action plan is an integrated eco-system approach around Diversity of Thought, Inclusion, and Engagement. LaTonia believes strong leadership support is critical to the success of diversity initiatives. She is pleased that executives at L3 participate in the new Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council and actively support the rollout of the new eco-system plan. LaTonia's success in managing a global diversity initiative is attributed to her emotional intelligence, ability to collaborate, willingness to continue learning, and ability to act as a change agent.

Favorite Quote:
Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance. — LaTonia Pouncey