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Michiko Achilles
Vice President and Head of Human Resources

SAP Japan's Michiko Achilles Helping Women Build Skills and Experience

Michiko Achilles is the Vice President and Head of Human Resources at SAP Japan. She was one of the first women to break through the glass ceiling in Japan's corporate world to become a director at Aozora Bank in 2008. SAP encourages diversity specialists to focus on the particular needs within a country. Michiko's focus in Japan is the high percentage of Japanese women who end their careers after getting married or starting a family. She developed the Back-to-Work initiative that is focused on talented housewives who used to have a career. The initiative matches projects to women's skills and experience while providing training and mentoring.

Michiko regularly speaks to internal and external audiences about the power of diversity to enrich careers and personal lives. She has an unusual background for a Japanese woman in that she started a career after having two children. Over the span of her career she has worked for eight multinational companies in six industries. Michiko also became a Corporate Officer at three listed companies in three industries.

Favorite Quote:
Enjoy Diversity, Enjoy Life!— SAP