Scott Vowels
Miriam Janice Chavers
Director of Diversity and Human Resources Communications
Eli Lilly and Company

Lilly's Janice Chavers Helping Communities Embed D&I Policies

As the Director of Diversity and Human Resources Communications at Eli Lilly and Company, Janice Chavers works to help local and global communities and her Lilly colleagues understand the importance of diversity and inclusion. She was instrumental in working with global media while Lilly’s government affairs team lobbied to get specific language on sexual orientation and gender identity included in Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The initial language threatened the ability of organizations like Lilly to recruit, retain, and engage top talent.

Janice believes that accountability is crucial to embedding diversity and inclusion as a business imperative. She has helped Lilly integrate D&I into talent management practices and into appropriate communications such as key leadership conferences and other external and employee events.

Janice has worked with her colleagues in the Global Diversity and Inclusion Office to develop strong Employee Resource Groups and councils as a key best practice in driving the success of diversity and inclusion initiatives. The ERGs and councils expand the reach of the diversity office all over the world. Janice uses her passion for learning about global cultures to enhance her efforts in the diversity office.

Favorite Quote:
Making progress in diversity and inclusion can start with small steps; and together they can change attitudes of communities and governments. — Miriam Janice Chavers