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Sarah Wagener
Vice President of Talent

Sarah Wagener Ensures Diversity Touches Lifecycle of Pandora's Employees

Sarah Wagener, Vice President of Talent at Pandora, collaborated with top leadership to establish diversity and inclusion measurable and time-bound goals for managers. The goals were publicly declared to strengthen organizational commitment and reflect the diverse make-up of the company's music listeners, advertisers, and music makers. Sarah believes that diversity programs and efforts must touch the entire lifecycle of the employee and be aligned with leadership, communication, culture, operations, and processes.

Sarah relies on a number of best practices to attract, engage, and retain diverse talent. She implemented a Summer Road Crew intern class that aims to convert new minority and women university graduates into full-time hires. She oversees employee-based Pandora Community Groups, and members are empowered to be vocal about gaps in practices. Sarah ensures that diversity is a core principle for Pandora, driving everything the company does and embedding it in all aspects of the talent effort. She adapts talent processes to shifting demographics to ensure Pandora stays on track to meet or exceed diversity goals.

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