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Eating ITALY Launches Evening Tour in Florence

Less than a year after the launch of its first food tour in Florence, Eating Italy is thrilled to introduce a second tour in the Tuscan capital which is best known for its art galleries and...


Developing Strategists and Relationship Builders

Disruptive change is the status quo for markets today, and businesses cannot respond with the same strategies they used when change was slow and anticipatory. Companies must be able to ...

Global Invest

Slovenia Puts Out Welcome Sign for Foreign Investments

The Republic of Slovenia has many enviable characteristics, including its strategic central location in Europe, a solid growing economy, large reserves of natural resources, well-...

Diversity Europe

Not Enough: Putting Women on Boards is Just a Start

When Germany passed a 2015 gender quota law for corporate boards, it was hailed as yet another country saying enough is enough. Prodding through voluntary quotas, public pressure, and mandatory...


Coaching Executives in Organizational Context

Executive coaching is back in style with a vengeance after a slowdown post-recession and for many good reasons. Most business articles have something in common whether talking about going...