2018 Top 10 Champions of
Global Diversity Tear Down D&I Silos

Advancing Diversity & Inclusion requires leaders who fearlessly challenge the status quo. The Top 10 Champions of Global Diversity are those people.

What makes a person a diversity leader? That is a question we frequently ask at Diversity Global Magazine because our goal is to identify and share the successes of leaders in the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) space so that others can find inspiration. As the business environment continues to grow more dynamic, complex, and globalized, organizations depend on the leadership of people like the Top 10 Champions of Global Diversity to embed D&I in decision-making and operations around the world. Without them, the status quo would be maintained, impacting competitiveness and creating missed opportunities to make communities at large more inclusive.

DiversityGlobal Magazine is honored to introduce the 2018 Top 10 Champions of Global Diversity. Each person is a change maker who challenges the status quo when policies, systems, and processes lead to diverse people and businesses being excluded. They ask the questions that help others re-evaluate their biases and find new ways to attract diverse top talent for the workforce and diverse suppliers for the supply chain. They work across functions and geographies to align strategic diversity-related goals with organizational goals, often leading to significant changes in the way a business operates.

The 10 people honored this year represent industries that include grocery manufacturing and processing, insurance, media, semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, global shipping, and nonprofits. Organizations represented this year are The Estée Lauder Companies, Kraft Heinz, New York Life Insurance Co, Viacom, AMD, Boehringer Ingelheim, Swiss Re, Unilever NA, UPS, and Rainbow PUSH. Within their organizations, the Champions operate from a platform built on a passionate belief that a culture of inclusion and collaboration benefits the workforce, communities of operation, and at-large. Their vision of an inclusive world inspires others to embrace the same goal within their organizations, creating a compounding impact.

The Top 10 Champions of Global Diversity are innovative, developing unique D&I initiatives. For example, they include sponsoring a Global Inclusion & Diversity week at The Estée Lauder Companies; creating the Ownerversity at Kraft Heinz; developing the #BeYourself initiative at New York Life Insurance; making the business case for enhanced parental leave benefits at AMD; and connecting sports and technology to the mission of Rainbow PUSH. The Champions strive to change organizational cultures to be accepting of diversity and say things like, "focusing equally on representation and belonging" and "developing a culture of meritocracy" and "developing a culture of belonging and inclusiveness." They are creating pipelines for diverse creative talent and new networks that attract diverse businesses, helping managers understand how bias impacts their decision-making, and developing new ways to engage employees and local businesses in countries around the world. They work with Business Resource Groups, marketing, employee networks, and marginalized communities.

One of the most impressive qualities shared by all of the Top 10 Champions of Global Diversity is their willingness to tackle difficult and complex issues, like unconscious bias, racism, gender inequality, hate crimes, and exclusion. They are patient but persistent; understanding that change takes time but unrelenting in driving change; and deeply caring for all people. They work with CEOs and senior leaders to develop top down support for creating a culture of D&I with the frequent result that necessary changes are made to policies and procedures. The diversity leaders are strategic in their efforts in order to make enduring change within their organizations and around the world.

DiversityGlobal Magazine invites everyone to read the profiles of the 2018 Top 10 Champions of Global Diversity and take the time to think about changes needed in their own organizations. The people honored set the pace for change and their work is far from done. Keeping D&I efforts relevant in the modern world requires continuous effort and creativity. They look at global societies, supply chains, and the workforce and recognize the need for more change, more diversity, and more inclusion. Each Champion has willingly accepted the challenge, envisioning a better world for all people. It is exciting to know that people like the Top 10 Champions go to work each day with one thought in mind: Improve lives.

  • Ruth Cotter   Ruth Cotter
    Chief Human Resources Officer and
    Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing
    and Investor Relations

    Ruth Cotter Leads AMD in Establishing Multi-Voice Culture

  • Dr. Joseph Bryant Jr.Dr. Joseph Bryant Jr.
    National Sports Director

    Dr. Joseph Bryant Develops Innovative Inclusion Programs for Rainbow PUSH

  • Kathleen NavarroKathleen Navarro
    Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer

    Kathleen Navarro Brings People Together at New York Life

  • Maria StolfiMaria Stolfi
    Global Head of Diversity,
    Inclusion & Employee Engagement

    Maria Stolfi Develops Unified D&I Function at Swiss Re

  • Susan Schmidlkofer    Susan Schmidlkofer
    Director of Global Workforce
    Diversity and Inclusion

    Susan Schmidlkofer Connects with BRGs to Meet UPS Employee Needs

  • Marilu Marshall   Marilu Marshall
    Senior Vice President,
    Executive Management and
    Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer

    Marilu Marshall is Driving Force for I&D at The Estée Lauder Companies

  • Nancy Di Dia Nancy Di Dia
    Executive Director,
    Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

    Nancy Di Dia Influences the Growth of Female Representation at Boehringer Ingelheim

  • Stacey Johnson    Stacey Johnson
    Senior Manager,
    Leadership and Inclusion

    Stacey Johnson Engages Kraft Heinz Employees through Learning & Development

  • Mita Mallick Mita Mallick
    Head of Diversity,
    Employer Brand and Cross Cultural Marketing

    Mita Mallick is Change Maker at Unilever NA

  • Marva Smalls    Marva Smalls
    Executive Vice President,
    Global Head of Inclusion Strategy

    Marva Smalls Implements Best-in-Class D&I Initiatives at Viacom