Crumley Roberts Welcomes Karonnie Truzy as Chief Diversity Officer

CHARLOTTE, N.C.,-- Crumley Roberts is a 30-year-old consumer-based law firm with offices, partnerships and affiliations throughout the United States. Led by President and Chief Executive Officer Chris Roberts, along with a team of Executive Vice Presidents and Shareholder Attorneys, the law firm remains committed to STANDING UP for its clients, for its communities and for its employees through legal practice groups and through community and employee programs offered by The Roberts Center for Leadership, Education, Advancement and Development. Crumley Roberts Regional Offices are located in Greensboro, Charlotte, Columbia, Atlanta and Birmingham. Please visit CrumleyRoberts.com for more information regarding the law firm, its legal practice areas and its community programs as well as for Media Inquiries. Please contact MediaInquiries@CrumleyRoberts.com to schedule interviews.

As a part of the law firm's ongoing commitment to Care Like Family, Listen To Learn and Do What's R

ight, Crumley Roberts is pleased to welcome Shareholder Complex Litigation Attorney, Karonnie Truzy, to a new role as the law firm's Chief Diversity Officer. In his new position, Mr. Truzy joins the Crumley Roberts Executive Team that is responsible for setting the law firm's strategic direction and focus.

Karonnie Truzy brings to his new role a long and rich legacy of working to advocate for those who have been injured through no fault of their own. He is passionate about social and civil justice issues and has developed a legal practice that focuses on cases involving death or traumatic injury suffered as a result of Section 1983 Excessive Police Force, Automobile Negligence, Premises and Construction Negligence, Nursing Home Negligence and Commercial Vehicle Negligence. Mr. Truzy is widely recognized as a leader in his field. As the Chief Diversity Officer, Karonnie will work with his colleagues on the Executive Team to promote and monitor diversity, fairness and inclusion within the Crumley Roberts organization and its culture as it relates to hiring, promotion, pay, senior leadership and personal interactions.

"Caring Like Family, Listening To Learn and Doing What's Right are woven into the fabric of our Brand," said Chris Roberts, President and Chief Executive Officer, "At Crumley Roberts, we have a long and rich history of celebrating what is unique and special about each individual and I know our diversity makes us stronger. I also know that we should always be growing, learning and finding ways to be better. Diversity, inclusion and equity are intentional for us and are priorities within our organization. I look forward to working with Karonnie to find even more ways to promote these values as we develop our strategic vision as an Executive Team and to learning from his leadership as we all move forward together."