The 2021 Top 15 Champions of Diversity Make Global DE&I a Reality

Miguel Joey Avilés Launches D&I Action Plan at U.S. Coast Guard

Miguel Joey Avilés is the first civilian US Coast Guard Chief of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Under his leadership, the Coast Guard launched the 2019-2023 Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan which established resources, goals, and measures to produce sustainable D&I transformation. The 3-year plan has over 10 initiatives that are a D&I education program; a D&I Foundations Virtual Training; Development of the Affinity Groups policy; Leadership and Diversity Councils policy; completion of the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmark; 2-year Study & Analysis of Recruiting & Retention of Underrepresented Minorities; improving gender diversity by identifying barriers to female retention; D&I Communications; Creation of an Inclusive Leader Environment Index; and development of a comprehensive Diversity Outreach Plan.

The work of Miguel Joey Avilés combines intentional collaboration, holistic strategies to achieve lasting cultural and systemic change. He has involved the entire organization and leaders at all levels in D&I programming. Miguel has always based the D&I business case on assessments, data and powerful stories. His leadership strengths include visionary resilience, political acumen, masterful communication, cultural fluency, strategic planning and execution, influence and the ability to create organizational momentum to empower leaders to own D&I.

  • Favorite Quote: “Every challenge holds your next breakthrough in business or life, face it…, every challenge contains a hidden treasure…, don’t delay it, embrace it.” — Miguel Joey Avilés