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Golf & Strategy

Is the “Grip” On Your Business Technically Accurate but Lacking Control?

Golfer George Archer made an astute observation when he said, “One thing about golf is that you don’t know why you play bad and why you play good.” It is a remarkable observation when you...


Pass the Latvian Rupjmaize, Please, and Labu Apetiti!

Sitting in Northern Europe on the Baltic Sea, Latvia cuisine represents the culmination of an agricultural history, centuries of German rule, a period of Russian rule, and numerous regional....

Sustainable Travel

Vancouver, Always a Gem, Continues to Confound with Breadth and Beauty

On the northwest coast of North America sits an island beckoning sustainable travelers to its remotest corners, asking only that visitors respect the culture of its indigenous peoples and...


Video Across Platforms Enhances the Value Proposition

The convergence of television and mobile technology is producing new market dynamics and exciting marketing opportunities. This is particularly true in the use of video across platforms as...

Social Media

Social Media Messaging Evolves Into Important Strategic Tool

By now, social media messaging is widely recognized as marketing strategy. All sizes of companies and entrepreneurs use Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest...