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Diversity Europe

Stepping Up to Progress: Only Employers Can Close Disability Employment Gap

A significant percentage of people with disabilities continue to face barriers to employment in European countries. This is despite country-based and European Union legislation prohibiting...

Diversity Asia

ASEAN Diversity Through the Cultural Lens

Diversity on a global basis is an all-encompassing principle that embraces people, environments, governments, and economies, as well as cultures. As Western businesses continue to expand...

Veterans Matter

New Role for the C-Suite: Chief Accessibility Officer

Leading companies have a new executive in their c-suites. The chief accessibility officer is an executive position with far ranging responsibilities because the role is responsible for...


How 'Shift Disturbers' Drive Workplace Innovation

Innovation in the workplace is something all companies claim to want. Yet being a fan of innovation and actually creating an environment where it happens are two very different things....

Supplier Diversity

Growing Supplier Capacity through Leadership Development

There are many examples of corporations investing in developing leadership skills at the organizational and supplier levels. Following are just three examples...