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“Racism is America’s Virus”

I was not planning to write about this topic when the week began. There are lots of issues that I could address, particularly, the ubiquitous COVID 19 crisis, how it has impacted our lives and our..


Coronavirus Illustrates Our Failure to Create A Fair Society

The media has just discovered that the coronavirus is far more deadly to blacks and Latinos than to whites. Twice as deadly in New York City, according to the New York Times. Seventy-two...

Diversity & Inclusion-III

Thriving Through Global Diversity & Inclusion Core Values

In the United States, diversity and inclusion (D&I) is a familiar core value. The challenge is bringing the core value to life throughout an organization when it goes global, crossing borders...

Diversity & Inclusion-II

Leveraging ERG Allies to Build a Positive Organizational Culture

Diversity in the workplace continues to grow with companies embracing people of different generations, faiths, disabilities and personal identities. Bridging these differences to develop a...

Golf & Business

Adapting to the Effects of Aging on the Course and in Business

Golf is touted as the sport that spawns business connections, interesting conversations between business associates, and new opportunities. Forget the stories that say golf is not as popular...