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Importance of Gender Pay Equity

Achieving gender pay equity remains a challenge on a global basis. From country to country, it is mostly a matter of the size of the gap rather than whether the gap exists. Some companies...

Human Capital & Strategy-III

Using Technology for Strong and Clear Benefits Communication

The ideal employer benefits may change over the decades and through the generations, but all benefit sets, at any point in time, have something in common. They are one of the top...

Human Capital & Strategy-II

Digital Transformation: Helping Employees Get on Board

Any business can implement technology, but a true digital transformation requires a shift in mindset. It is the word "transformation" that brings home the fact that utilizing...

Human Capital & Strategy-I

Beyond Compensation to Employee Total Rewards

Workforce demographics continue to change. After what seems like a few years of grappling with understanding millennial preferences, Gen Z is now entering the workforce. A four or five...

Golf & Strategy

Pushing Aside Fear of Failure in Business and Golf

Businesses experience a multitude of problems, but some are more severe than others. The most difficult problems include events like near bankruptcy, destruction of a brand's reputation...