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Corporate Governance

Building a Communication Channel Around Governance to Integrate Into Other Functions

It is unfortunate that those responsible for corporate governance are frequently viewed as elitists who are primarily interested in making sure legal and governmental compliance is met, while...


It is Time to Move Beyond the One "Big Idea" Innovation Culture

Defining the word “innovation” is not difficult, but its true meaning is elusive. That is what some of Canada’s pioneering technology firms have learned. One company is BlackBerry...

Health & Wellness

Stress Management Can Play a Significant Role in Dealing with Workplace Depression

Depression is not usually a topic that comes up in discussions on cultural competency, but it should. It is an excellent starting point for addressing mental health issues in a diverse workforce...

Disability Matters

Creating a Workplace Environment that is Conducive for the Disabled

Adopting a disability attitude lays the foundation for looking at everything with understanding perspectives, whether it is the job or workplace, the recruitment policy, the diversity policy...


Controlling the Cost of Coaching Can Improve the Experience

Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) conducted a “survivor analysis” and discovered their new executives were leaving because the company needed to do more to ensure the success of senior-level...