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Corporate Sponsorships Combine Branding, Relationship Building and Community Service

Brand sponsorships are everywhere and take many different forms. They have focused on charities, sports and special events, but sponsorships now include deals like paying to put the company...

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Innovate the Innovation Process to Become Truly Transformational

Big spend on R&D is always justified as the path to innovation and improved financial performance, but is it? Financial performance of investments in new products and services is a key...


Myriad Economic Opportunities Lead Investors to Croatia

Croatia holds the distinction of being the last member state to join the European Union in 2013. Located in the northwestern part of the Balkan Peninsula, the crescent-shaped country offers easy...


Male Sponsors can Encourage Women to Soar Through Glass Ceiling

Men are embedded in power positions across organizations because of historical lack of inclusion of women. The proverbial glass ceiling has kept women employed in lower paid jobs and prevented...


The Time for Reforms in the USA and the World is Now!

One thing all Americans agree on is that these are turbulent times with protests across the country filled with people asking for justice, equality, and equal treatment. They want an end to...