The 2021 Top 15 Champions of Diversity Make Global DE&I a Reality

BC/BS of Minnesota’s Angel Uddin Shares DEI Expertise with Community

As the Director, Diversity and Inclusion, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, Angel Uddin is proud that she is asked to share her knowledge and expertise in the DEI space, which involves work not always readily accepted. Two separate and unrelated colleagues asked her to join the board of a local non-profit, serving BIPOC communities and immigrant families experiencing barriers to sustainability. She became a co-leader of the DEI Committee. This roles gives her the opportunity to expand her day-to-day efforts into the community.

Angel strives to help all organizational members understand that ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’ is not just an HR tenant that is strictly related to talent attraction, recruiting and retention. Her message is that DEI should be embedded in every aspect of how the organization does business, driving who BC/BS does business with, policies and procedures, and how customers are engaged. DEI becomes a core value of the corporate culture. As a leader, Angel leverages her network of experts and engages a variety of people with numerous perspectives in a continual learning process.

  • Favorite Quote: “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is not work done in a moment... it is about lived experiences and what makes the numbers matter.” — Angel Uddin