Mental Health

Health & Wellness

Stress Management Can Play a Significant Role in Dealing with Workplace Depression

Depression is not usually a topic that comes up in discussions on cultural competency, but it should. It is an excellent starting point for addressing mental health issues in a diverse workforce...


HR Strategy

Searching for the Bias-Free Recruiting and Hiring Algorithms

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are only as smart as the data input into the systems. Amazon learned that when it had to scrap its AI hiring tool because the algorithm had...

Digital Transformation


Video Across Platforms Enhances the Value Proposition

The convergence of television and mobile technology is producing new market dynamics and exciting marketing opportunities. This is particularly true in the use of video across platforms as...

Diversity Europe

Diversity Europe

Bringing Women of Color Into the European Workforce

Reaching gender parity is a global issue, but even more challenging is reaching parity through inclusion of all women – white and women of color. Some European Union countries have been...


Corporate Governance

Applying Integration Skills for Successful Business Transformation

The number of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is increasing once again, but this time around the focus is on transformational integration.

    Leadership Development


    Developing Contextual Leaders Ready to Adapt in Dynamic Environments

    Organizations are constantly evolving and need leadership able to evolve decision-making and strategizing to effectively support what is happening in the corporate setting.