Mental Health

Health & Wellness

Mental Health Training in the Post-COVID World

Especially in a post-COVID environment, employers simply cannot afford to ignore their employees’ mental health.


HR Strategy

How AI Is Redefining The Corporate World

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is loosely defined as the endeavor to make computer systems perform human-like tasks.

Digital Transformation


Cross-Platform Marketing with Celebrities and Influencers

There are two elements of the most successful marketing efforts in the digital world. One is the utilization of multiple platforms, from television to social media.

Diversity Europe

Diversity Europe

How Sandoz International Is Advancing Gender Equality

Sandoz International and its parent company Novartis have spent the last few years focusing on concrete, large-scale efforts to increase their level of female talent.


Corporate Governance

Applying Integration Skills for Successful Business Transformation

The number of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is increasing once again, but this time around the focus is on transformational integration.

    Leadership Development


    Cultivating Employee Intrinsic Motivation to Empower Potential

    All employees should feel empowered, but when talking about the next generations of leaders, empowerment takes on new meaning.

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