The 2021 Top 15 Champions of Diversity Make Global DE&I a Reality

Trina Govan Scott Elevates DE&I at Rocket Companies

Trina Govan Scott is the Chief Diversity Officer for Rocket Companies, a Detroit-based holding company consisting of tech-driven real estate, mortgage and financial services businesses – including Rocket Mortgage, Rocket Homes and Rocket Auto. . Under her leadership, the DEI team’s work was elevated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and racial uprising. Her team quickly moved into a more strategic space to address DEI opportunities internally and externally. Passionate about people and creating a work environment grounded in collaboration and freedom of self-expression, Trina focuses on DEI strategic goals of talent, culture, community and marketplace, embedding DEI in the company’s DNA.

She works to achieve high-performing teams by recruiting diverse talent, ensuring team members are included, celebrated and supported, so they can fully contribute to business success. Trina also develops partnerships with community residents, organizations and businesses to positively impact home cities and establishes relationships with diverse vendors to reflect a commitment to clients and communities of operation. Her leadership style is centered on building relationships to weave DEI into business functions.

  • Favorite Quote: “This work is a marathon, not a sprint as we create an inclusive environment built on opens doors, open minds and an open culture rooted in trust.” — Trina Govan Scott