Chantalle Couba Joins Cetera as Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer and Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO

LOS ANGELES, -- Chantalle Couba, a financial services industry veteran, has joined Cetera Financial Group as the Joint Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer and Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO. In the role, Couba will lead the firm's strategy and implementation initiatives in diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging (DEIB), reporting to Adam Antoniades, Chief Executive Officer.

Couba's experience encompasses wealth and risk management strategy, advisory, and private equity operational performance improvement at Fortune 500 enterprises involving both private and publicly held firms. She will leverage her industry and research acumen, and lived experience to guide Cetera's multi-faceted, multi-year DEIB program and ensure integration across strategic priorities.

Antoniades said, "A longstanding hallmark of the Cetera experience is based on a culture of belonging and caring, and our purpose is centered around enabling the delivery of an Advice-Centric Experience to more individuals across the United States. The principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are critical to our culture and purpose as we work toward the goal of better reflecting the diversity of our communities across the US."

He added, "We are thrilled to welcome Chantalle to help us continue to move forward our three-pronged strategy for DEIB: within Cetera, within our profession and within the communities we serve."

Couba said, "I look forward to co-creating pathways and opportunities at Cetera, through an inclusive mindset and culture, that will ultimately radiate positive benefits to the wealth management industry. Cetera's leaders, employees, and financial professionals have formed deliberate commitments and are leaning into creating the conditions for the company to achieve its inclusion aspirations."

Ms. Couba holds a Master of Science and Bachelor of Arts from Florida State University. She was a 2019 USA Eisenhower Fellow and is a board member of INROADS.