Salary.com Names Lenna Turner Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

WALTHAM, Mass., -- Salary.com, the compensation management solution providing more of the trusted data and intuitive software organizations need to get pay right, today announced the appointment of Lenna Turner as Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. In this role, Turner will advance Salary.com's strategic DE&I initiatives with colleagues and clients.

Turner has 20 years of compensation management experience and, as a member of Salary.com's CompData Consulting Practice, has focused on client engagements involving studies for base pay and total comp, pay equity and building DE&I knowledge offerings. As Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Turner will develop programs designed to increase cultural awareness and acceptance within Salary.com, while also leading company efforts to help clients conduct DE&I audits and execute action plans.

"In the past year our society has experienced turmoil unlike any in recent history, with the recent hate crimes against As

ian-Americans the latest in an abhorrent string of violence against people of color," said Kent Plunkett, founder and CEO of Salary.com. "We strongly condemn such violence and stand committed to ensuring a culture of acceptance within Salary.com and we're fortunate to have Lenna's guidance as we build excitement around this endeavor. Equally important is Lenna's expertise in helping our clients build a critical path to pay equity, a necessary step in achieving sustainable diversity and inclusion."

Turner will work with CEO Kent Plunkett and Chris Fusco, who heads up HR at Salary.com, on internal initiatives, as well as the continued development of relevant product and consulting initiatives, such as Salary.com's Pay Equity Reporting Toolkit.

"Equity is a key component in the DE&I equation and is a part of Salary.com's DNA, so I'm really excited to take on this DE&I role," said Turner. "Corporate America is at a pivotal point and the time and opportunity for action is now. It's good business for employers to create environments where everyone is accepted and can succeed regardless of gender, race, or age. While employers will find that they can attract and retain the best talent and improve business performance, we will all find that the benefits to society and the greater good are immeasurable."