Salesforce Appoints Lori Castillo Martinez as Executive Vice President and Chief Equality Officer

Salesforce has named Lori Castillo Martinez Executive Vice President and Chief Equality Officer. In this role she will lead the company’s global equality efforts, including equality strategy and programs. For the past six months, Lori has served as the interim Chief Equality Officer and was previously the head of Global Employee Relations and Equality — a role uniquely designed as a way to accelerate and integrate people and equality initiatives at Salesforce.

“Lori has already made a significant impact on our culture in her role as interim Chief Equality Officer,” said Brent Hyder, President and Chief People Officer at Salesforce. “She has a unique ability to build talent strategies guided by the voices of of our employees, while influencing company-wide action. This makes her the best leader to push us even further into this next chapter.”

Under Lori’s leadership, the company has continued to increase representation and create a more inclusive culture through equity-focused processes and programs. Key milestones include launching and scaling the Warmline (an employee advocacy program for Black, Latinx, Indigenous, LGBTQ+ and Women employees), introducing new inclusive talent processes informed by equality data, integrating bias and microaggression training into key talent moments, and creating the new Equality business partner team to deepen expertise and drive change in the largest functions.