Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Santander’s AAPI Employee Resource Group Promotes Culture Awareness

Left to Right: Ananth Kumar, Sr. Associate, Risk Management. Jennifer Hensley, Sr. Specialist, Business Process Management. Mary Jane English, Director, Business Control & Risk Management. Dang Bui, Manager, Business Control & Risk Management.
Lady at Bottom of Photo: Sylvia Egger, Sr. Associate, Business Control & Risk Management

As the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community continues to grow in the United States, so does Santander’s commitment to our community. Santander’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is illustrated by the number of programs that are aimed to help our AAPI employees prosper. For instance, in 2021 employees benefited from Financial Empowerment workshops with access to financial coaches, the distribution of Santander’s Guide to inclusive behaviors, membership in the Diversity and Inclusion council, and participation in the mentorship program.

In the middle of 2021, Santander introduced the AAPI Employee Resource group. The initial impetus for the AAPI ERG was to promote awareness of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community and to champion the many contributions AAPI employees provide the organization. We intend for our mission and message to be much broader. We want to engage our employees, provide further opportunities for professional development, and celebrate the incredible diversity of our community. We are passionate about driving positive change and prosperity in the communities we serve through financial education, volunteer activities and cultural awareness.

In our first year, with over 250 members and a committed and passionate leadership group, we have promoted awareness through personal perspectives from several leaders on AAPI experiences. We have celebrated the rich cultural diversity of our group with events focused on important festivals such as the Chinese/Lunar New Year and Diwali.

We are also making an impact on our communities in multiple ways:

• partnering with non-profit organizations to provide financial 
• volunteering time for community clean-up activities
• working with local food pantries/kitchens to distribute meals 
  for families in need

In 2022, we will build on the organization’s mentorship program to expand opportunities within the AAPI community. As well as provide the support to develop group/public speaking skills. While our ERG supports and engages the AAPI community, our message and activities are inclusive to all employees because we believe in a greater corporate impact. Our purpose is to continue to share our diversity and help both our community and all our Santander peers succeed.