2024 Top 15 Chief Diversity Officers Special Feature

Takeda Pharmaceuticals’ Hayden Majajas Empowers People and Business Partners Through DE&I

Hayden Majajas, the Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company Limited, is dedicated to promoting meaningful DE&I practices that empower people. His true measure of success lies not in numbers, but in the profound impact his team's efforts have on individual lives: such as finding creative solutions to initiate IT system changes to reflect the preferred name of a transgender employee struggling to feel seen and providing team coaching support sessions.

Leaders across Takeda's 84 global locations and external DE&I practitioners frequently seek Majajas' expertise for guidance on sensitive diversity issues. He offers thoughtful responses, strategies, and actions tailored to specific countries & regions.

Majajas leverages DE&I best practices, such as collaborating with minority-owned businesses through Takeda's supplier diversity programs which provide training and mentorship by larger organizations, covering important topics like financial literacy and navigating entrepreneurship complexities.

He is also a strong advocate for partnerships that promote gender equity and advancement of underrepresented talent in leadership. In aligning Takeda's DE&I Ambition with the goals of partners, Majajas creates a positive social impact by empowering individuals who have faced historical disadvantages and fostering more inclusive and vibrant communities.

Favorite Quote: Life, much like origami, finds its beauty in the intricate folds of diversity. Each unique perspective is a fold, shaping a masterpiece that represents the limitless possibilities of understanding and unity. — Anonymous