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Allianz Trade & Inclusive Brains Join Forces to Advance Inclusion for People with Disabilities Through AI and Neurotechnologies

Allianz Trade, the world's leading trade credit insurer, and Inclusive Brains, a French start-up specializing in neural interfaces powered by generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), are pleased to announce their partnership to develop Prometheus, an innovative brain-machine interface aimed at empowering individuals with disabilities.

Prometheus utilizes diverse neurophysiological data, including brainwaves, heart activity, facial expressions, and eye movements, to generate mental commands. This assistive technology enables individuals unable to use their hands or speak to navigate digital environments, operate workstations, and interact with connected objects without traditional input methods.

Inclusive Brains' co-founder and CEO, Professor Olivier Oullier, emphasizes the inclusive nature of their AI models and multimodal neural interfaces. These technologies aim to empower individuals of all abilities, ensuring true inclusivity in human-machine interactions.

Allianz Trade brings its global expertise to the Prometheus project, providing vital support on financial, strategic, and visibility fronts. CEO Aylin Somersan Coqui highlights Allianz Trade's commitment to innovation and social impact, aligning with the company's core values of inclusion and support for diverse communities.

The partnership's first application will occur during the Olympic Torch Relay, where a torchbearer with a motor disability will use Prometheus to control an arm exoskeleton. This demonstration underscores the urgent need for AI-powered assistive technologies to enhance inclusivity in various domains.

Allianz Trade and Inclusive Brains envision a future where AI and neurotechnologies foster greater accessibility and equality for all individuals. Their collaboration represents a significant step towards realizing this vision and creating a more inclusive society.