Mental Health


Exploring Employer Health Insurance Options and Challenges

Everyone is likely to agree that employers in the United States are faced with a much more complex health insurance market now that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been implemented.


HR Strategy

Innovative High-Tech Tools to Enrich Employee Experience and Impact HR Functions by 2020

CEOs worldwide agree that talent is the only sustainable competitive advantage. Toward that end, there has been an increased emphasis on improving Employee Experience (EX) for...

Digital Transformation


Transforming Vehicle Technology Through Collaboration

The vehicle industry is undergoing an incredible technology-based transformation that is picking up speed. Consumers tend to just accept today's technology advances that deliver features like...

Diversity Europe

Diversity Europe

Harnessing the Economic Power of Cultural Diversity in the European Union

The European Union is experiencing a multicultural revolution due the flood of refugees that continues to this day. The various governments making the decision to allow millions of refugees to...


Corporate Feature

Walmart Develops Breathtaking Global D&I Strategy

Walmart recognized the importance of diversity many years ago when it formally established the Office of Diversity in 2003. Since then, the Office of Diversity has significantly expanded as...

    Women & Business

    Global Women

    Leveling the Leadership Playing Field for Women of Color

    There are more women of color in business leadership positions than ever before, and studies have proven they bring new perspectives and ideas that flow right to the bottom line. Yet, ...

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      Building Global Inclusiveness: Develop Allies, ERGs and Culturally Intelligent Leaders to Promote D&I Core Values

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